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Also known as the "Wizard".  His beard comes and goes.  But his skills with working metal are impeccable.  He will drop in on anything!


Rampcarnies.com is the home of BK Designs. Brent Kronmueller and crew build public and private skateparks all over the world.

Check out the Skateparks page to see some of the parks we've built.

Brent Kronmueller​

Also known as Eagle Eye.  Puts every angle and level to the test.  This owner makes it happens and redefines creativity.  Will do a heel flip on call!

Travis Burk

Also known as Coach.  This owner is a bowl specialist and can make anything skateable.  Really good at hyping the session!

ART.  Stain and finish master.  Frontside feeble anything.  Prolific in animal domestication.